Kellynn Wilson hard at work

Deciding to pursue an athletic career at the collegiate level is a demanding undertaking. After surviving the rigors of the recruiting process, student-athletes find themselves in a highly competitive environment – athletically and academically. The academic responsibilities may be nothing like they expected, yet their academic accomplishments will become a matter of public record. To be able to pursue excellence in the sporting arena, they will be expected to meet NCAA, Big Ten Conference, and Penn State eligibility requirements.

The Morgan Center’s academic/athletic counselors actively participate in all areas of academic/athletic evaluation, support, and guidance. They contribute to every aspect of student-athletes’ academic and athletic careers from the day they step on campus¬†to degree completion. Academic/athletic counselors provide informed, competent, and holistic advising in conjunction with student-athletes’ assigned college advisers.

For additional information please call 814-865-0407.