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Challenging Athletes’ Minds for Personal Success

In 1991, the NCAA Foundation initiated efforts to create a total development for student-athletes. Through the collaborative efforts of the NCAA Foundation and the Division 1A Athletic Directors’ Association, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program (Challenging Athletes’ Minds for Personal Success) was created.

In 1994, after several years of development by the NCAA Foundation, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was launched to the NCAA membership. That summer 46 NCAA institutions participated in the first orientation for administrators from around the country. Since then, approximately 40 member institutions have joined the CHAMPS/Life Skills program each year.

Today, the NCAA Educational Affairs staff oversees the development of the program, offering services, support and programs to participating institutions throughout the year. The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program is supported through the promotional and financial efforts of the NCAA Leadership Advisory Board and the NCAA national office.

The mission of the NCAA is to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the campus educational program and the student-athlete as an integral part of the student body. With this in mind, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was created to support the student-athlete development initiatives of NCAA member institutions and to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education.

In the process of achieving this mission, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program will:

  • Promote student-athletes’ ownership of their academic, athletic, career, personal and community responsibilities
  • Meet the changing needs of student-athletes
  • Promote respect for diversity and inclusion among student-athletes
  • Assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills
  • Enhance partnerships between the NCAA, member institutions and their communities for the purpose of education
  • Foster an environment that encourages student-athletes to effectively access campus resources
  • Encourage the development of character, integrity and leadership skills

Participating members in the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program are provided with sample materials and supplemental resources which support a student-athlete’s development in five areas: academics, athletics, personal development, career development and community service. Text taken from NCAA.org.