Social Networks

– Social network training will help student-athletes keep up with the changes in on-line communication and will discuss the pros and cons to social networks. Student-athletes will learn to keep their personal sites safe and know who is looking and what not to post.

Budget Sense

– This workshop will teach “budget sense” so student-athletes can learn to break down finances in an understandable way to help avoid debt and to keep their financial status in good standing.


– During this training, student-athletes will begin to find a “common” team language as it relates to leadership, and will further discuss the concept of leadership as it relates to team dynamics and individual roles.


Communication Skills –

This workshop discusses individual communication styles and offers strategies to enhance interpersonal interactions with teammates, coaches, professors, etc.

Diversity/Sensitivity Training

– This training is aimed at increasing student-athletes’ cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills to improve the overall team climate, reduce conflict, and enhance teamwork. Student-athletes will also be asked to examine their personal biases to enhance their sensitive toward others.

Peak Performance

– These nutrition-based seminars will allow you to customize programming to include any of the following topics:

  • Hydration strategies
  • Weight management
  • Proper weight loss
  • Muscle building strategies
  • Helping a friend with food-related problems
  • Building a plan for optimal eating in the dorms/dining halls/snack bars, on the road, before competition and/or for recovery
  • Understanding the world of sports bars, sports drinks, and dietary supplements
  • Reducing the risk of stress fractures, colds/flu and other immune disorders through proper nutrition

Conflict Resolution

– This workshop provides an opportunity for student-athletes to dialogue and get sound advice about what healthy relationships look like, how to work with different personalities and how to effectively resolve conflict. Discussion can also include strategies to be a supportive friend to someone who is going through an unhealthy or difficult relationship.



– This seminar teaches student-athletes to define, recognize and prevent hazing. Participants become familiar with hazing law and are asked to explore its detrimental effects, as well as, healthy alternatives to building effective teams.

Sexual Orientation

– This discussion will help student-athletes understand the benefits to finding a common language and mutual respect for others while allowing them to examine their personal beliefs and attitudes. Presenter(s) will also educate on the resources available on campus and how to assist friends who may be questioning or struggling with their sexual orientation. 

Team Dynamics –

To be an award winning team, the dynamics need to be positive. This workshop will help your team with group communication and goal setting.


Mental Training and Stress Management

– This workshop will provide student-athletes with mental training strategies to improve their game and to reduce stress in their lives in order to optimize their academic, athletic and personal experiences.

Sexual Ethics

– A discussion about sexual ethics will ask student-athletes to assess their ideas about gender roles, educate them about the laws surrounding sexual assault and sexual harassment and challenge them to be positive role models who have responsible relationships.

Alcohol Choices and Consequences

– This seminar will include a basic review regarding the effects of alcohol on decision-making and athletic performance. It will also include an overview of the consequences – emotional, physical and legal – of irresponsible behavior.


Student Conduct

– This workshop will help student-athletes understand the legal ramifications of alcohol misuse and participating in hazing activities. In addition, it will include information about the student conduct   process and the impact irresponsible behavior could have on a student-athlete’s academic and/or athletic career.

Ropes Course

– This is an adventure-based team building activity that will test strength, stamina and character while building a foundation to help student-athletes on and off the field. (Workshop cost; compliance approval needed)

Dining Etiquette

– Student-athletes will learn how to present a professional image and will review techniques to properly shake hands, pass food, dine, and handle introductions while using manners and proper etiquette. (Workshop cost; compliance approval needed)


Media Training

– How to effectively address the media is an important skill for student-athletes to acquire. This workshop will provide student-athletes with strategies for how to accept or decline an interview, address telephone versus in-person interviews, and how to present a personal image that is consistent with that of the team and the athletic department.

Career Exploration

– This workshop will offer tips for your team members about resume writing, mock interviews, exam preparation for graduate/professional school admission, and how to work a career fair and dress for success.

Bystander Intervention

– This seminar teaches student-athletes the importance of prosocial behavior to ensure their safety and well-being, and raises awareness about helping behaviors so to increase motivation to assist their teammates and friends.


For further information about the Nagle Student-Athlete Education and Development Life Skills Menu Program contact Liz Johnson or Kellynn Wilson