Academic Counseling

Learning Services Overview

Based on the knowledge and experience that there is great diversity in learning, the Morgan Center offers a comprehensive learning support program designed to cultivate the “student” in our student-athletes. Whether a freshmen or a senior, the Morgan Center is committed to helping our student-athletes attain their academic goals by providing exemplary individualized learning support. This includes the opportunity to work with a learning specialist, tutors, and/or an academic mentor for direct assistance in organizational, time management, learning and study strategies. To begin with, information on each freshman student-athlete is compiled and analyzed to proactively identify at-risk student athletes who may be in need of academic support or further assessment. Even if a student is not deemed “at-risk”, he/she may still utilize the services available within our learning support program to optimize academic performance in the classroom. From assessment to intervention, learning support through the Morgan Center can help facilitate academic success during the student athlete’s transition to college and throughout the undergraduate experience. For additional information, contact Cheryl Anderson at 814-865-0407 or

Learning Specialist

The learning specialist assists student-athletes and counselors in identifying possible learning disabilities, coordinating appropriate testing, acting as liaison with the Office for Disability Services (ODS) and developing academic support plans based on individual strengths/needs. If a student-athlete has a learning disability, ADHD, or other condition that is impacting their performance, the learning specialist will be a valuable resource. The learning specialist works closely with the student-athlete regarding accommodations, assistive technology, campus and community resources, and effective strategies to facilitate success. The learning specialist can also assist the student-athlete in understanding applicable policies and procedures for individuals with disabilities while attending Penn State.

Additionally, the learning specialist provides intensive academic skill-building and monitoring of student progress as well as coordinates several learning support programs for student-athletes at Penn State, including tutoring and mentoring. Any student-athlete may make an appointment with the learning specialist in order to gain insight into their learning style, academic strategies and for support in identifying other services they can access at Penn State. Typically the student-athlete will meet with the learning specialist on a regular basis in order to develop academic skills/strategies, monitor progress, analyze problems and determine solutions to challenges faced while navigating Penn State’s academic and intercollegiate life.

Tutor Program

Designed to help students in various aspects of their academic life, tutoring is a great way for students to go the extra mile to raise their course average. The Morgan Center’s tutoring program is an effective means for student-athletes to improve overall understanding of course material and for developing strong study skills/habits. The MAC offers tutorial services to all varsity student-athletes on an individual, small-group, and walk-in basis. Review sessions for courses with high student-athlete enrollment may also offered throughout the semester.

Our tutoring program utilizes a “peer tutor” model in which the student-athlete is assigned a qualified tutor of similar status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate student) who has taken and demonstrated proficiency in the course material. Currently, our tutor program fills approximately 500 tutor requests each semester and staffs over 100 tutors. Our program is also certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). For additional information, contact the Morgan Academic Center 814-865-4331 or

To apply for a future tutor position visit

Sue Paterno Mentor Program

The Sue Paterno Mentor Program offers student-athletes the opportunity to work with an academic trainer/mentor to maximize their potential. While the peer tutoring program functions well to meet our student-athlete’s course content needs, the mentor program offers skill development in other aspects of learning that are critical for academic success, including but not limited to, time management, organization, note-taking, reading comprehension, self-advocacy, study and test preparation. These academic skills and learning strategies are taught using current course materials rather than working on them in isolation; thus enhancing the learning experience and development of transferable study skills and strategies.
Our mentor staff consists of master’s level academic trainers who are very adept at working with the student-athlete. Part of the mentor’s role is to empower the student-athlete in applying the same principles that have made them an outstanding athlete toward becoming an excellent student. With the mentor’s assistance, encouragement and guidance, the student-athlete can excel academically as an active, independent learner. For additional information, contact the Morgan Academic Center at 814-865-4331 or