The Athletic Director’s Leadership Institute (ADLI) was established in 2007 to strengthen student-athlete understanding of leadership; specifically to identify different leadership theories and perspectives, understand the similarities and differences between these perspectives, and learn from individuals currently serving in leadership positions. ADLI members are encouraged to enhance their leadership skills, consider their own leadership style, and ultimately create a personal leadership philosophy. Members will also be able to apply the knowledge they develop within their academic, athletic, and service learning experiences to ensure that leadership education is passed onto the next generation of student leaders. ADLI is an integral part of the Nagle/CHAMPS Life Skills programs balanced curriculum which emphasizes the development of the whole person.

The Athletic Director’s Leadership Institute goals are to:

  • Increase one’s personal understanding of their leadership style.
  • Create a personal leadership philosophy.
  • Participate in service learning.

ADLI will Assist Students in the Following Areas:

  • Increasing content knowledge within the area of leadership development
  • Involvement in service learning to enhance personal leadership skills
  • Structured reflection opportunities for students to assess their leadership ideas and experiences
  • Provide opportunities for others to assist with self-assessment through regular dialogue and use of tools such as individual learning plans or inventories
  • Structured opportunities, both verbal and written, for student to assess their own leadership experiences and to determine what public service leadership means to them on a personal level
  • Ensuring that at least part of the leadership development experience is shared within a community of students who can teach and learn from one another while gaining greater appreciation of diverse perspectives and approaches to leadership (i.e., capstone)